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 Serving Their People

Our goal:

We aim to give individuals with disabilities the confidence and independence that comes with owning a service dog. These dogs are tailor-trained for their owner's specific disabilities. 

Service Dog Training in Iowa _ Anchored Canine
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Service dogs include diabetic alert dogs, seizure alert dogs, mobility assistance canines, Autism assistance dogs, and canines for PTSD Psychiatric needs.

Want a best friend who is helpful both in the home and public settings? Our service dogs in training are skilled in serving and go everywhere we go on a regular basis and then some, so they are used to living around children, animals, and social interactions. These service dogs have received training in as many different scenarios as possible. They are ready to serve.


Service Dog Training Programs Include:

  • Autism assistance training - These dogs help to keep adults and children with autism calm. They can assist those with autism through tethering, a service skill where the child is attached to the dog who is attached to an adult. Service dogs for autism also assist if a person runs away by tracking the steps back to the individual.

  • Diabetic alert training - These service dogs can alert their handlers to a blood sugar episode up to 30 minutes before it would occur.

  • Psychiatric and PTSD assistance training - These canines can be taught to interrupt nightmares or memories of traumatic events. Also, they can be taught to check ahead of their handler and around a corner to make sure the path is clear of people. They may be taught the block command, a skill where the dog lies down behind their handler not allowing other people to come too close. In addition, the search command can be taught which signals the service dog to go through an entire house making sure nobody is creeping about there.​

  • Seizure alert training - These service canines are taught to alert their handlers before a seizure occurs. Some service canines are trained to do deep pressure therapy automatically during a seizure to keep their handler calm (skill that mimics a weighted blanket, helping an individual feel secure). In addition, seizure alert canines can be taught to find help or call for help on a special phone.

  • Mobility assistance training - These dogs help those who are physically impaired and are not steady on their feet. They can support those who become dizzy by offering stability through a mobility assistance harness and can be trained to help people get up from a seated position. In addition, mobility assistance trained dogs can help pick up things, so that the handler does not have to lean over, a potential danger for dizziness or falling.​​

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Is Your Dog Right for Service?
Upon request and after a thorough questionnaire, a dog you own may be trained for service by our staff. Contact me for more information.
Program Length:
Training time for service dogs we pre-train requires 12 months to 18 months from start to finish. The excellence we put into our service dog training course encompasses a many honed skills to be learned by the dogs. It is a long but rewarding process.

Pre-Trained Service Dogs:

Occasionally we have puppies who have already started with the basics of service dog work, so let us know what your needs are. We may already have the perfect working companion for your needs and lifestyle.

Service Dog Breeds That Excell:

  • Goldendoodles

  • Golden Retrievers

  • Labrador Retrievers


These dogs typically excel at service dog work, so these are the primary breeds we use.


Because Anchored Canine is a young business, we are offering our first working canines at very reasonable prices. You will get a quality animal with top-notch training at an uncommonly low price.


 I’d be happy to show you a few of these balanced canines trained in excellence!

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