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Dependability on the Job, Livability at Home

Our goal:

We desire all departments, whether large or small, to have access to this valuable and highly effective tool –the K9. As a result, our package is fully inclusive, and the pricing is uncommonly reasonable.

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Police K9


We train single and dual purpose K9s in the areas of narcotics detection, man trailing, and apprehension/patrol.

Pre-trained police K9s are ready to start working for your department. They are intentionally trained and proofed for real life on the job. In addition, they are raised in our home to create well-balanced and publicly accepted working dogs. We prepare our K9s and K9 handlers for the real world through realistic training. 

“Livability” = a balanced dog that not only works unusually hard but is able to live in a home environment with children and family.

 Police K9 Package

What’s Included in our K9 Package?

  1. K9 

  2. K9’s Training 

  3. Handler Training (with flexible hours/locations)

  4. Pre-certification Exam 

  5. Basic Training Supplies 

  6. Team Certification (at an approved location)

  7. Follow up Support

  8. Veterinarian Health Check and Clearance 

Training Options:

single purpose or dual purpose 

  • Narcotics detection/imprinting

  • Apprehension/patrol

  • Man trailing

  • Basic and advanced obedience

Police K9

K9 Package Pricing

Regularly, this package is valued over $13,000. 


After working with several departments, I realize that funding is a real issue and maintenance training is often lacking.


As a result, I break down the total cost into yearly sums - with no interest.


In addition, your team will receive numerous opportunities for maintenance training with our certified master dog trainer, Katherine Wiedemeier. 


Your package cost is locked in until the “subscription” is up.


Check out our pricing below.


Unlike my competitors, I offer the following 3-year plan:


$5,000 for year one

$2,500 year two

$2,500 year three

$10,000 total for a three-year package*

*Limited time and supply offer. Ends 4/1/24. Price for dual purpose K9s. 


Police K9 Videos

K9 Trainer References

Reach out to


and ask for trainer references. 


We'll send you the contact information for numerous trusted K9 trainers in the Midwest that will attest to our product's quality. 


Ask them if we're any good!


Request a Demonstration

We'll show you our dogs' skills- in-person- per request.

Contact Katherine today and request a demonstration!


Team Maintenance Training Package

Already have a K9 team?


Let me help you sharpen your team’s skills for a minimal fee of $195 for three 1 hour long training sessions, tailored to your specific needs.


You’ll have access to a trained decoy for apprehension work and pro tips from actual trainers.


Learn how to:


  1. Have a struggle free out,

  2. Locked focus on the narcotic’s location, 

  3. Not accidentally cue your dog into false alerting,

  4. Sharpen your K9’s obedience skills

  5. And so much more!

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