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Police K9/Personal Protection K9

Roby is a completly finished German Shepherd Police K9 who has been expertly trained in the areas of narcotics detection, mantrailing, apprehension, and advanced obedience & recalls.

This boy has an exceptional nose and would be a highly effective means of locating narcotics for any department. Roby is also exceptional at trailing, and will protect when handler safty is in question.

  • has been trained to detect the odor of meth, heroin, and cocaine

  • reliably trails human odor in various terrains

  • is awair of handler danger and will apprehend when asked to

  • was raised largly in a home enviroment

  • won't quit working until he's found drugs and unmistakably pin points their location

The owner and head instructor of the Dog Trainer College said of Roby:

"Roby, the GSD, is an amazing detection dog.  He lives to work.  He’s been imprinted on narcotics and does an incredible job!  It is fun to watch his intensity and accuracy while working."

Tim Miller, CMDT 

Roby came over to the United States as a German import when 3 months old. Since then he has been worked by our trainers. We had considered keeping him long term and using him as a demo dog, but we have since decided against it. He does well in the home enviroment, is livible, and does require daily mental and physical activity (normal for working K9s).

Roby has a very healthy bloodline, is hip tested, and is registered with the AKC.

Birthday: October 18th, 2019

Activity Level: High

Cost: $9,200

What's included:

  • Roby

  • his training

  • handler training

  • pre-certification exam

  • basic training supplies and equipment

  • certification at the Dog Trainers College in Spencer, Indiana

  • lifetime of follow up support.

Think Roby sounds like a dog your department would be interested in?

Contact me!

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Companion Dogs

Raising a puppy from scratch is HARD work, but we’ve already done it for you and will teach you how to maintain your dog’s training. Skip the sleepless nights of potty training, the terrible puppy stage of chewing on everything, nipping, jumping, the hours of socialization and training, and get your mature and fully trained companion dog that’s READY TO GO. 

Contact me and quickly fill out a questionnaire, so we can talk through some of your expectations and dreams for your new well behaved family dog. We’ll do our best to make sure you and the dog are a perfect fit from the start, so you know you’re getting the right animal. If you find that your companion canine is not all you had hoped and dreamed, we’ll take the dog back and return your money 100%.  You’re out nothing. 

Investing in any canine is a huge commitment. Statistics prove that owners pour “an average of $1,480 on pet dogs’ basic expenses every year.”  (15+ Insightful Pet Spending Statistics for 2023 | Fortunly). Multiply that times 12 years of a dog’s life, and you’ve spent nearly $20,000! All this to say, it’s worth having a dog that fits your personality and lifestyle AND you knowing how to do it right. He must be trained in order to be enjoyable, and it needs to be a good fit! We’re looking for you to have a long-term companion!

Pictures of Quilla

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